What is the code of conduct for students?


At Vive SPANISH we expect our students to…  
– take some responsibility for their learning  
– show respect for other students, their teachers, and the school  
– participate actively and enthusiastically in class  
– respond in a positive way to the challenges of language learning – this is important so that there is a positive and friendly atmosphere in the lessons at all times

You can do this by:  
– attending your classes  
– if online, participating in the class with your video and audio on (unless you have asked for permission from the teacher)  
– arriving punctually for all classes and returning from breaks on time  
– using the target language in the classroom  
– showing respect for, and being polite to, other students – understanding that everyone comes from different backgrounds and different cultures, and will often have different needs from you  
– working in a cooperative way with all other students  
– respecting your teacher’s professional judgment regarding your level and your progress, and following your teacher’s advice so that you can improve faster 
– listening to other students, and to your teacher, without interrupting  
– speaking to your teacher first if you have a problem with your class or your learning 
– following all requests made to you by Vive SPANISH staff