Can I get a refund if my visa has been denied?


Yes, under the following circumstances and following this process:
1. The student send the refusal to the school.
2. The student appeals and with the sudent´s permission, the School sends a recommendation letter to the Embassy in order to help the student get it.
3. If after this the Embassy again refuses to issue the visa, the School will return 90% of the course cost after the official confirmation of the refusal, if the student has already paid the course, but the registration deposit + visa expenses will not be refunded.
If the student refuses to come to School after receiving a student visa, no refund will be made, and the School will also report the situation to the Embassy of Spain.
If the reasons for any of the denials were “when to substantiate the request, false documents or inaccurate allegations have been presented, or there is bad faith” (art. 39.9 b) 2 del R.D.), or other types of circumstances not inherent to our centre, there will be no refund.